At New Beginnings Church, we realize that people were created for CONNECTION;

first and foremost with God, but also with others.

You were never meant to do life alone! Our prayer is that some of the greatest relationships you will forge in life will begin in one of our NB Connect groups. These groups meet in coffee shops, restaurants, and other locations all throughout the Orlando area on days that are convenient to your schedule. Joining an NB Connect group gives you the opportunity to have fun in your relationships as you inspire and encourage each other’s faith in God.


Brittneyann Cover
Open to All:  Learn when to say yes and when to say no
When: Every Monday, 7 pm at the church


BJ Broome
Open to All:  Discover and Live out your Calling
When: Every Tuesday, 7 pm at the church

Coffee and a Movie

Cynthia Shepard
Open to All:  "THE CHOSEN" - Come see the Bible come to life as we fellowship with coffee, hot chocolate, and movie treats.
When: Meets monthly on the second Tuesday, 7 pm @ The Church

Commanded Blessing

Harold & Tina Peterson
Quickly learn how to step into BLESSING and see every area of your life TRANSFORMED!! CHANGE HAPPENS HERE! There is NO reading and NO homework.
When: Every other Monday, 7 pm at the Church


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Open to All: By faith, see God do the impossible for you and through you, releasing heaven on earth.
When: Sundays, 2:30 pm at the Church

Getting the Best Of Your Anger

Pastor Becki & Annie
Anger isn't wrong in itself - it's the way we use it and express it that can be labeled right or wrong.  Discover how to channel your anger in a positive way, making it a strength.  You will learn conflict resolution, how to healthily stand up for yourself, and promote change in difficult situations.  CHANGE HAPPENS HERE!
When:  Every Thursday, 7 pm, NB Church

God's Warriors (Adults)

Quianna Nesmith
AGES 18+ Come and join our "boxing " class where we teach protection and discipline while preaching each word with a punch!
When:  Every other Sunday 2 pm at the Church

Healed to Minister

BJ Broome
OPEN TO ALL: Everyone faces tough challenges, insecurities, and dysfunctions. Discover how to get to the root and find true freedom in your life. CHANGE HAPPENS HERE!
When:  Every other Sunday, 2:30 pm

I Am Enough

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Girls: Middle School-High School - Big Sisters mentoring and encouraging young girls
When:  1st Sunday of each month, 1:30 pm (at the church)

“I DO” with GOD

Thomas Badillo & Meline Aviles
Married Couples having fun together!
When:  2nd Friday of each month, 7 pm (Locations Vary)
(Childcare provided upon request)

Kingdom Men

Pastor Don Miller
Men:  Join us “Pacemaker” and discover key principles to endure life’s marathon with your new “pacemaker.”
When: Every other Saturday, 9 am

Kingdom Woman

Pastor Becki & Bridgette Turner
KINGDOM WOMAN:  Embrace Your Empowered Position as a Woman of God.  Learn how to become a KINGDOM WOMAN who walks in BLESSING in every area of your life. CHANGE HAPPENS HERE!
When:  Every other Saturday, 10 am at the church

Love 2 Sign ASL

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Open to All: Learn American Sign Language
When:  Sundays, 1:30 pm, at the church

NByond our Walls

Bruno & Annie Salgado
Join us as we bust outside the 4 walls of the church and touch our community through missions outreach.
When: Monthly on 1st Tuesday, 7 pm, NB Church and various other times for outreach ministry

Pretty with Purpose

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Girls Ages 13-17:  Young ladies pursuing Jesus, embracing inner beauty, and building self-esteem.
When: Twice a month (1st & 3rd) Friday, 7 pm, at the Church

Purpose Driven Prayer

Harold and Tina Peterson
OPEN TO ALL:  Learn how to use your God-given Kingdom authority to pray with mountain-moving power to see results during this in-depth teaching on "Prayer."
When: Every Monday, 7 pm at the Church


Pastor Don Miller
"And the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and IT DID NOT FALL, for it was FOUNDED ON THE ROCK!"
COED:  if you are HUNGRY to STUDY the BIBLE and fill yourself with the Word of God, this group is for you!!  Build your house on the ROCK (God's Word) and no matter what comes your way, you will be stedfast and immoveable!!
Every Wednesday, 7 pm, NB Church, 6859 Edgewater Commerce Pkwy, Orlando, FL  32810

Saturday Workout

Judith Hobdy
Have fun getting in shape while exercising and working out to music!
When:  Every other Saturday, 9 am

Senior Care

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Co-Ed:  Join us as we take “Jesus” to seniors.
When:  Monthly on the 1st Sunday, 3:15 pm, Life Care Center of Altamonte Springs, 989 Orienta Ave., Altamonte Springs, FL  32701

Shelter in the Storm

Terry and Claudia Harris
Co-Ed:  Join us for a study on RELEASING MIRACLES!  Learn how to walk in the supernatural power of God, sustaining a supernatural lifestyle through faith, compassion, humility, and worship.  Miracles are your spiritual inheritance, and the Holy Spirit is waiting to partner with you!
When: Every other Thursday, 7 pm at the Church

Sisters United

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Women's Group:  Bible Teaching, "Changes that Heal." Step-by-step, learn how to bond, set healthy boundaries, and have functional relationships!
When: Every other Thursday, 7 pm at the Church

Sticky Sunday

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Open to All: Eating together at a nearby restaurant for fun/fellowship.
When: Monthly on 1st Sunday, Various Locations


The Mobleys
SINGLES:  Fellowship with singles in all stages, ages, and backgrounds, helping singles grow in their walk with God.
When: 1st  & 3rd Saturdays, 5:30 pm, at the church and other various locations


Steve & Linda Race
All: This is a foundational starter course which will reveal your "NEXT STEPS" into a "NEW LIFE" as a Bible-based Christian.
When: Sundays, 2:30 pm, at the Church

Vision Connect

Toy Hamilton
Women's Group:  Join us for vision boarding and see your vision come alive!
When: Every Monday at 7 pm at the Church

Walking Warriors

Lorna McKelphin & Angelica Burts
Co-Ed Adults:  Walking, Bible Study, Worshipping, & Fitness Tips with Jesus while walking off the pounds and getting healthy!  For where there are two or three gathered in His Name, He is with us.
When: Every other Saturday, 6:30 am at various locations

Warriors of Worship

Susan Myles
Open to all:  Come and experience worship in the area of dance, flags, theater, content creator, and choreography.
When: Fridays at 7 pm at New Beginnings Church