At New Beginnings Church, we realize that people were created for CONNECTION;

first and foremost with God, but also with others.

You were never meant to do life alone! Our prayer is that some of the greatest relationships you will forge in life will begin in one of our NB Connect groups. These groups meet in coffee shops, restaurants, and other locations all throughout the Orlando area on days that are convenient to your schedule. Joining an NB Connect group gives you the opportunity to have fun in your relationships as you inspire and encourage each other’s faith in God.

Apopka/Ocoee Connect

Leaders: Nate & Kristin Robertson
Family: Fun & fellowship, while developing deeper Community! We love hard!
When: Every other Tuesday, 7 pm

NB Coffee & Donuts

Leader: Pastor Don Miller
Men: Fun & fellowship while enjoying some coffee & donuts!
When: Every other Saturday, 9 am

Commanded Blessing Connect

Leaders: Pastors Don & Becki Miller
Adults: Quickly step into blessing, causing life-changing transformation!
When: Mondays, 7 pm

Couples Connect

Leaders: Derrion & Ardis White
Couples: Have a good time while building relationships!
When: Every other Sunday, 6 pm

Famiglia Connect

Tony & Christina Quattrocki
Family: Fellowship, food & laughter. We are family!
When: Every other Friday, 7 pm

Fashion Freedom Thrifting Connect

Krystle Smith
Adults: Find fashion freedom by thrifting and finding discounted items!
When: Every other Saturday, 9 am

Fun & Praise

Freddy Figueroa & Jackeline Sanchez
Adults: Have fun, while developing relationships with God & each other!
When: Every other Thursday, 7 pm

Just Craftin' Around

Deborah Daniels
Women/Girls: Fun, Food, & Fusing. Discover your creativity.
When: Every other Thursday, 7 pm

Kingdom & Authority

Harold & Tina Peterson
All: Let’s walk together in Kingdom Authority!
When: Every other Saturday, 2 pm

Look What You've Done

BJ Broome
Women: Let’s turn “look what you’ve done into “look what YOU’VE DONE!”
When: Every other Wednesday, 7 pm

Mi Casa, Tu Casa

Dario & Joanna Aragones
All: Food, laughter, fellowship, and great conversation.
When: Every other Saturday, 1 pm

Paint & Praise

Bruno & Annie Salgado
Family: If you can draw a dot, you’re qualified! Find the artist in you.
When: Every other Wednesday, 7 pm

Play & Praise

Matthew DeBrew & Jessica Layeni
All: Have fun while we build deeper connections with Christ.
When: Every other Saturday, 2 pm

Shelter in the Storm

Terry & Claudia Harris
Adults: Life is tough! Let’s navigate life’s challenges together.
When: Every other Thursday, 7 pm

Sister Sister

Eleanor Austin
Women: Let’s talk as we walk, encouraging and uplifting each other.
When: Every other Friday, 7 pm

Sword In Hand

Lorna McKelphin
All: Have a lot of fun with Bible Basics 101
When: Every other Saturday, 10 am

The Gathering

Natasha Torrence
Women: Having fun while sharing the Word of God
When: Every other Thursday, 7 pm

Vision Connect

Toy Hamilton
Women: Through vision board creation, let’s write our vision and make it plain.
When: Every other Thursday, 7 pm

Walking Warriors

Angelica Burts
Adults: Walk off the pounds and get healthy while worshipping.
When: Every other Saturday, 6:30 am

Young Adults

Pastor Simon and Jelline Franklin
Ages 18-30: Let’s eat, have fun, talk, and keep it real.
When: Every other Saturday, 6 pm